How to get a flat stomach

Not overweight, but feel uncomfortable with your  tummy? There are two explanations: either you have too much stress in your life or only part of ... goodies that might  irritate the colon.
The mechanism is already known: cortisone, a hormone released under stress, increase the volume of adipocytes (fat cells), which once developed, they begin to secrete themselves another hormone, called leptin. It regulates appetite of each individual: the more you have more leptin, the appetite so your food is greater. Up to you to break this vicious circle. Reward? A refined silhouette and a perfectly shaped abdomen.

What can you do?

The first step is the hardest: Empty your bin and throw candy to the garbage.(Bravo!) Then reduce the amount of fat in the diet, not eat spicy so try to avoid ferment vegetables (cabbage, peas, pulses) and seeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds) and do not forget to work your muscles : at least 400 crunches every day.

Helpful solutions

The bad news: to thin your waist, not enough just to work your abdominal muscles. It is essential to muscle toning your lower back, hold the correct position of the trunk (abdomen, back straight and slightly contracts). The good news: it is a large muscle group, strong, intense effort that can survive and recover very quickly see the results almost instantly. BREF, any form of exercise that involves contraction midpoint of the body is welcome. The most effective, however, are Pilates exercises because the muscle tone without unnecessarily strain the spine. Should not be overlooked salon treatments: termosudatie located, biostimulation muscle packing creams and lipolytic substances.

The key to success

Choose a simple and healthy diet, avoiding, if possible, pre-cooked products or fast food (contain too much fat and too many carbohydrates). Avoid foods too salty, fermented cheese, whole milk.
Eat in silence (close your mobile phone or TV or read the newspaper!), With patience, chew each bite properly and thoroughly.
Avoid light products (candy, drinks, yogurt), which slows intestinal transit and baloneaza.
Chewing gum not chewed. It's not the healthiest way to get rid of hunger.
Do not drink anything half an hour before meals or during meals. Gastric juices must work at full capacity.
Refrain from smoking, at least one hour before and one hour after eating. Nicotine blocks the digestive secretions.
Supplements of calcium, magnesium, omega 3 have a remarkable stress. Worth trying!
Keep pace meals and strictly limit the amount of food consumed: the same amount of food, if eaten in several small meals instead of two hearty meals, cause a significant decrease in the percentage of calories turn into fat. Calculate how many calories you need to eat every day

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