Five ways to achieve your ideal weight naturally

1. The key to your weight under control is to make sure you eat, effectively eliminating what is unhealthy digestive system and allowing it to take a break between meals.The post will disrupt metabolism in that not only will give anything to 'work' during thefast. Same with skipping meals, if your digestive system does not get around the same time every day when you eat will not work properly. One way to handle cravings is to gradually educate your taste buds to lust only what is best for you by choosing the right foods and eliminating unhealthy ones. Denying cravings only leads to abuse when your body can not resist.

2. Work with your digestion rhythms, not against them. Many of us follow anunhealthy: skip breakfast, eat a hurried lunch on the way to work or return, and dinneris too consistent, often served before bedtime.

Digestive system is most active during lunch, so it is recommended that lunch be most consistent, richest meal of the day. A vegetarian lunch typically includes two or three servings of cooked veggies, a bowl of lentils, whole grains, chutney (a relish made of fruits or vegetables and spices) and lassi, a yogurt drink fresh water. Breakfast and dinner should consist of easily digested foods.
For breakfast take fresh fruit and cereals. At dinner one easy dish, vegetable or lentil soup. A handful of almonds or walnuts makes a snack between meals. If you follow this program, your digestion will not generally be overloaded, and your body efficiently metabolizes the food you eat.

3. Keep the machine clean internally. We take your car to change the oil regularly, changing blades on lawn mower at the beginning cation season, do the house cleaning every spring ... should not pay much attention and at least your body?

Your body is designed to eliminate wastes on its own but may need some help from time to time. The cleaner you keep inside, so your digestion will work more efficiently, will fuel cells and tissues and remove toxins from the body. If there are too many toxins inside the internal system will work less well, and one effect is that you will gain weight and feel heavy even eat properly.

4. Exercise. . Choose your exercises right after natural constitution and by the tendency to gain weight. While walking is always beneficial, any other activities or type of exercise are recommended to do .

5. Rest well every night. Studies show a link between lack of sleep and obesity, a slow metabolism and depression, which in turn causes weight gain. Ayurvedic healers have recognized the link between sleep and digestion long ago, so the ideal I recommend you go to bed before 10 o'clock, and to wake up before 6, to have such a good sleep longer.

Taking a lighter evening meal, at least two hours before bedtime, will help you fall asleep faster. Finish your job in time to avoid being forced to stay awake until late.To help physiology to adapt to a higher degree of stress or advanced requirements of the body and mind.

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