A few secrets to sports sessions

If you want to get results quickly, we offer a few secrets to sports sessions - you will not make any effort!

You do not want to spend hours at the gym, but you want to have an enviable figure and be in shape. To do so does not have to make efforts - a meeting for 30 minutes, several times a week can do wonders. But you must have in mind that you will achieve optimal results only if you do performance.

Before moving from an intensive program, you should consult your doctor. Most times, it will not be recommended for heart disease or other health problems, but under strict observation of specialized personnel.

We advises how you can do sports results without effort, quickly.

Otherwise, you learn to get spectacular results quickly. Here's what to do:

1. Limit your sessions to 30-40 minutes
To achieve maximum performance in a short time (30-40 minutes), you must exercise intensity increases.

2. Do high intensity sessions
If you are a beginner, you should take it easy. If you run or bike, for example, physically get ready some time before starting this intensive program to gain in strength. Then increases the intensity and effectiveness to enhance hearing.

3. Eat protein for muscle
Many of us attach great importance proteins, which muscles need to build harmonious. If you and you belong in this category, well, that way you will not get the performance you need. Eat protein for muscle toning, not avoid them!

4. Drink plenty of water!
Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day: at least 2 liters a regular basis. The body needs several hours to absorb water.

5. Carbohydrates, the main fuel of the body!
Carbohydrates should not miss any of your daily diet for your body to function at its peak! Especially if you're a fan of intensive sessions of aerobic, they need to keep your energy: choose a banana, this is an important source of carbohydrates.

6. A healthy menu before and after training
It is preferable to choose a combination of protein / carbohydrates right before and after exercise. Before training, this combination is to increase the flow of amino acids that feed muscles during training, giving them the fuel they need. After the training session to 60-90 minutes, this combination stimulates muscle growth.

7. Longer raises
Most muscles contract slightly, then releasing them quickly. But if you go down as easily as the weight lifting, you'll optimize every move. Up and down for 5 seconds for each segment.

8. Use heavier weights
At first, you should use smaller heating loads. Along the way, using weights but increasingly higher. These, in combination with a movement executed correctly, will help you get better results in a shorter period of time.

9. A series of raises, instead of 2-3!
Instead of doing 2-3 sets, as many tend, only increases your efficiency by making a series of exercises with heavier weights, until you feel you can not.

10. Combined exercise
Rather than limit your muscles with exercises such as biceps flex, you can improve performance by performing exercises that train several muscle groups simultaneously. With only a few well-chosen exercises, you can work your whole body in one session.

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