How to burn calories and lose weight

Unfortunately many of us are caught in repeated cycles of weight loss and weight gain. This is what is called "yo-yo diet" eat less and lose weight when you gain weight as soon as you return to normal diet. I don't know the long term effects of this custom, but it seems that he makes weight loss more difficult at each attempt.

Another problem when you keep a low calorie diet is not only lose fat but also muscle. Through sport we can keep muscle intact. The goal is not only to exercise to burn calories. Sport increases the metabolic rate to burn calories and help us quickly evenwhen we  sleep. Also, studies have shown that for several hours after exercise we burn calories at the same speed as during it. Thus, sport helps to prevent body's natural response to starvation.

If you exercise regularly you will be able to gain muscle mass instead of lose. A moderate diet combined with exercise helps you gain a few pounds of muscle and lose a few pounds of fat.

The bottom line in any sport you choose is to take more exercise, not more difficult ones. When you put an intense effort is recommended to take a break for a day because your muscles need to rest. On the other hand, light exercise that do not require very much the body can be longer and can be applied more often, so are ideal.

Here are some simple strategies to follow:

-Lift weights three times a week

-Rest less between exercises

-Exercise  by requiring more muscle groups

-Eat more often, but less

Calculate how many calories you need to eat every day

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