Exercise helps you lose weight

Between weight loss and exercise there is a connection. In addition, exercise helps us maintain our health and lose weight without starving us.

Exercise often fall into two broad categories: aerobics (also called "cardiovascularexercise"), which accelerates your breathing and heart rate and resistance exercises using physical force to tone the muscles. Exercise and good nutrition are key to getting rid of extra pounds, but weight loss should be the happy result of the exercise program you follow.

It's good to know that you should not call unless you want to exercise to lose weight.Even if you do not have weight problems should not ignore the movement, because it strengthens your immune system and maintain your health.

You do not need a schedule in which to do gymnastics or sports, but aerobics is ideal to be practiced in the morning. Experts advise us to do exercises for 30 minutes a day or three sessions of 7-10 minutes each day, depending on the time and your program. Choose the option that suits you best because the results will be the same.

You need to know that 20 minutes of exercise performed in the morning are the equivalent of 60 minutes of exercise performed in the afternoon in terms of fat burning. If you exercise late in the evening or at night is likely to have trouble sleeping, but if this is the only time when you have time, do not hesitate to use it.

Exercise must be performed regularly and vigorously, but should be started slowly and the pace must increase gradually. Give your body time to adjust to the effort and can turn to exercise increasingly more complicated and more demanding as you progress in the program.

If you just exercise without to keep a healthy diet you will maintain and tone, and losing a few pounds at the beginning of the program, but it is proven that when you follow a diet and the benefits will be visible in the longer term.

Remember that lead a sedentary lifestyle and stress, and movement will not onlybenefit our health and figure.

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