The 3 Keys to a Lose Weight and Live Healthy

If you are in my situation, you are already bumped with enormous amount of tips, tricks and diets about how to lose weight. It turns out that none is working, even if it worked for someone else. The truth is that you can't expect instant results and you have to stick with a program for more than few months so you can see the results. If you jump from diet to diet you will go nowhere. More, if you go for crappy diets you will probably gain all the weight that you lost back.

So, you have to pick the right program for you and to stick with it. How you can choose the right program of exercise and dieting ? How can you stick with it ? In the next lines I will write about the 3 only important factors that will let you to stick with a good diet.

1. Knowledge.

You need to read a book or some articles about nutrition. I am not talking about knowing hundreds of diets and tricks. I know about knowing what proteins, fats, carbohydrates are and what effects do they have on your body. How your body store each, what are fibers, minerals, vitamins and what is their role in your body working.

You need to know basic stuff about nutrition. You don't have to be an expert in the field and to know the chemical structure of carbohydrates, but you must know that excess carbohydrates that you eat and your body won't use in short time will be deposited as fat. Unlike carbs, proteins will not be stored if you eat in excess. You must know that not all the calories will be used for energy and stored if they are in surplus. I can't explain everything in this article but you get the point.

Learn how your body works and when deciding upon a program make  sure that you know if it will provide you with what your body requires,  if it fits your lifestyle and if it is not that hard to be maintained.

2. Motivation

This is really a key and I bet you head this many times. But no one told you how to get motivated, Are some people more motivated than others ? Why I can be extremely motivated at work and I have great results but I am not motivated at all to lose weight.

As you can noticed, there are people who are extremely motivated at work or at school, with great results and able to study few weeks continuously to get the highest grade or to learn something new, but they are fat and can't find motivation to lose weight. Why they are not motivated in all life situations ? Because motivation comes with goals, if you have no goal you can't be motivated at all. People who stay all day in front of the TV don't lack motivation, they lack goals.

So, first step is to set a goal, achievable but with great benefits. If you simply say that you goal is to lose weight to a certain point, it will not work because you can't trick your mind to get trough pain so it can achieve a goal without benefits. The key here is to imagine how much you will enjoy your life when you will have 30 pounds less, imagine all the things you can do without all that weight, clothes will stay better on you, people will appreciate you more and you can attract more girls. Think at whatever turns you on, and think at all the things that you will do better with a better body. Find the benefits and think about them all the time. This will give you a deal of motivation that you never thought you had before.

3. Habits.

The first time is the hardest. Once you get used to something it will be easier to accept. No one should ever assume that it is easy to eat low calorie food, skip meals, eat less, exercise a lot. They tell you that it is easy for them and they do not lie, but this is because they got used to it.

To get used with something and to bring it into your life forever, you have to make it a habit. Also, it is something that you can include in your schedule and to keep it forever. Include a 1 hour running in your schedule and do it every day. Or go to gym for 1 hour. I understand that it is very hard right now, but after 2-3 weeks you will get used to it and you will regret that you did't do this earlier.

Think the same with food. Make a habit to eat a salad at lunch, and meat at the dinner. This is just an example. You have to go trough the first step first and gather the knowledge about nutrition and exercising. Then, test what works for you best and stick with it. In 2 weeks it will be hard to imagine how was your life before and how could you eat all those sweets and unhealthy food before, when healthy food is that good.


What are you waiting for right now ? Don't you want to start a new life today ?

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