Should i maintain or lose weight ?

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My calories calculator will tell you how many calories you burn every day based on an average level of activity. It is right, but people who use if are usually people who got a lot of fat.

When my calculator tells the results, it tells you how many calories should you eat to maintain weight. Well, who needs to maintain weight ? All want to lose weight.

This is why i'm unhappy about and i will make some changes. It should motivate people: "You need to eat 1000 calories/day to LOSE WEIGHT" not just to make them to be content with their body.

People want solutions, not statements. If you want to lose weight you have to eat with about 1000 calories less that your body consumes on an average basis. The value that the calculator returns is based on statistics and research made on global level, on people with whole range of weights and ages. They are estimated but they are very close from reality.

That amount depends highly on what activity you do. IF you just step out of your house and you get up in the car, and at the work you stay only in an office and you never get up, that is a problem. That value is much less that the calculator gives.

It is sad, but researchers made their statistics on average people, people who work in a store for example, people who stay the most of their day up. People who cook at home, people who clean at home, not people who hired others to do clean-up for them.

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