Household activities that help you lose calories

Who would have thought housekeeping is an effective way to lose calories gathered the day before? Well, cleaning and effort no matter how small, made for the purpose of household activities, will contribute significantly to your weight loss program.

Here are some of the best domestic activities that help you lose calories:

Vacuuming carpet

Vacuum gave 10 minutes will help you lose about 70 calories and the more prolonged time to exhaustion, the more you will lose weight easier. If you want to lose more calories, thoroughly vacuum all the rooms of the house but also in less accessible places, that make your body requires more (to the individual radiator under the bed, above the wardrobe etc).

Cleaning of windows

This activity will not only get rid of 140 calories, but it will tone the arms and back muscles. Do not hesitate to wash all the windows of the house and insists especially on the mirror. As you clean more glass the better for your figure.

Moving furniture

If you occasionally feel the need for a change in your home, nothing should keep you from moving of furniture. Of course, it is recommended to move the furniture easier to avoid back pain or muscle strains. This activity will help you lose 220 calories.

Brushing Carpet

This activity is one of the help you consume the most resources and calories.Brushing a large carpet will burn about 231 calories. Also, this work is an excellent exercise for arms, abdomen and back.

Washing the floor

Mop is a great tool to work your arms and back, but you and help you lose around 80 calories in 20 minutes. So, the more wash down surfaces more often and larger, the better for the beauty of your body.


Using an iron involves some effort, and such activity carried out for one hour will consume about 160 calories.

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