Lose weight by walking every day

  Wallking helps us maintain both muscle mass and metabolism as we age. We also reserves the young spirit. For those who are not as athletic or not inclined, walking is not any stress. It only takes a little time, reason and some guidelines. Unfortunately, it's more a lack of information regarding walking, weight loss and diets.
Walking is one of the best exercises for strengthening bones, controlling weight,toning the leg muscles, maintaining a properly kept and improved self-confidence.People who do exercise without dieting, weight gain often with time. Although  weight may initially drop while dieting, it actually consists of water loss and muscle.When this amount is, however, will be as fat. To avoid weight gain over time,strengthen your metabolism by doing exercises every day.
 To lose weight, it is important not to follow the speed. Moderate walking speed provides more time training without any inconvenience - more kilometers and more calories burned.
Walking a very high intensity in alternate days help condition the body. But in a weight loss program is better to be active every day. That does not mean to go one hour daily. The secret is to have an active lifestyle 365 days a year.
When it comes to health and weight loss, exercise and diet are closely linked. To exercise without taking a balanced diet is as ineffective as when we are dieting without being active. Some researchers recommend five or more meals a day consisting of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are ideal in a diet for several reasons. Have low calories and fat, although often high in fiber, vitamins and essential minerals.Remember that rapid weight loss is water and muscle - the wrong amount that must escape. To avoid this, you must have a more reasonable goal, such as a pound per week.
Carbohydrates serve as fuel, providing energy for movement and helping to increase internal metabolism. Also give satisfaction. The secret is to stop adding more fat to carbohydrates.
Daily exercises are those that define our weight and body structure. A three-minute walk after each meal is worth two pounds less annually. Return stair climbing burns a quarter pounds per year. On the other hand, a chocolate bar a day will cost 10 pounds per year.

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