Top 10 foods for weight loss

Common topic of discussion among the ladies around me, is weight loss. I put so many diets promoted in need. What to choose? Rather than bother me with all sorts of strict regimes, better stop to the top 10 foods for weight loss. A healthy lifestyle has proven results and not endanger my health.

1. Salmon. Salmon  has become one of the new stars in the field of diet and healthy life in recent years. Two servings per week of 200 grams of omega-3 levels increase in the body as much as many would make a pill / supplement of fish oil /omega 3, for a week. In addition, there are benefits for the cardiovascular system, decreasing the risk of heart disease and heart muscle toning.

2. Oat. Oats are rich in fiber and one serving creates feeling of fullness throughout the day.It has a high fiber content that helps clean arteries and fight against various diseases of the body. Morning time is best suited for consumption on oat grain.

3. Blueberries. In third place in the top weight loss food is to be found blueberries. Well known fortheir anti-aging effects, blueberries are useful for people who want to slabesca and keep it off. Consumed fresh as well as juice, blueberries mentineera help heart health and blood vessels.

4. Beans. Dry beans are a top food giant fiber content make him a sure way to jumping beans especially belly fat melts. In addition, there are very rich in minerals, and they come in through our common goal, losing the weight.

5. Pears. Consumption of a medium pear provides 15-20% of daily fiber needs of our body.The fiber in pears are more than just providing a good function of the digestive system and colon health insurance: lower cholesterol and decrease the chances ofacquiring breast cancer for women ages two and three.

6. Chocolate. Chocolate and cocoa are the other two foods that have caught the top 10 best foods. Very rich in antioxidants which combat the negative effects of free radicals and are an ideal support in fight with fat deposits.

7. Nuts. Nuts also have a place reserved on the list, for the abundance of omega-3 and healthy fat, they contain sour. Four nuts a day is ideal in a healthy diet, ensure protection of the heart and stimulates the metabolism.

8. Yogourt and skimmed milk. Yogurt and dairy fat could not miss Lisa the 10 foods that have the great merit of bringing the body calcium, recognized as a true silver bullet when it comes tore-circulation of fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs and forearms.

9. Bananas. Bananas are also the top, being regarded as the best choice especially for snacks between meals. Are filling and healthy sugars that make you put in motion. The benefit is double!

10. Lemon. Lemon could not not respond to the call date. Useful in weight loss diets to follow diets and detox, the lemon is an ally of hope when it comes to a beautiful silhouette.

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