How healthy is a diet based on caloric restriction?

Calorie restriction helps in rapid weight loss, but bring along a number of side effects. Teenagers, especially, need essential nutrients for normal growth can not be part of a diet based on caloric restriction.Side effects of a diet based on caloric restriction may include menstrual irregularities, hormonal changes, reduced bone density,muscle mass loss.An excessive caloric restriction and without proper medical supervision can cause anemia, dizziness, depression, irritability,drowsiness, fatigue, swollen feet and recovering lost weight when you resume a normal diet.Therefore you must be more careful in this regard when you want to call such a regime under Maigrir Regimes.

If you still resort to a diet based on a small number of calories, then you should consider the following tips that will dispel a lot of side effects mentioned:

1. Food you eat less than 27 calories per kilogram, according to ideal weight

For example, a person whose ideal weight is 68 pounds should eat about 1,800 calories a day (27 x 68 = 1836 calories). Depending on the level of physical activity, these figures may be 10% to 33% lower than those recommended.

2. Fix the minimum weight to 95% of ideal weight

For example, if ideal weight is 90 pounds, minimum weight (below which should not fall) should be 85.5 kg (90 x 95% = 85.5 kg). If the weight falls below the minimum weight is recommended to increase caloric intake.

3. Choose foods low in caloric density

The best way to reduce calories is to eat low carbohydrate vegetables such as broccoli and small fruit juice drink which offers relatively fewer calories than potatoes or rice.

4. Focus on dietary fiber

Another ideal choice consists of high fiber foods that benefit health by lowering cholesterol, improving bowel and colon cancer risk reduction.

5. Drink water more often

If you're used to drink water only when you are thirsty, then you should start drinking more often. If using a diet based on caloric restriction, then drink water before eating will reduce hunger.

6. Monitor your nutritional level

You must be very careful about the nutritional value, fat and vitamin intake when adopting a diet based on caloric restriction.

Multivitamin supplements or other nutrients may be useful as part of such a diet.

If you follow these tips, you will understand that caloric restriction (but not excessive) is based on a healthy diet leads to weight loss  effectively.

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