Proper nutrition during sport

If we want to do a particular sport, it is important to have a proper diet because it helps increase the effects of exercise. If you perform tasks that require great physical strength (running, swimming, cycling), are recommended foods such as bananas, whole grains and avocados.

Nutritionists recommend about 30 minutes before running, eating food that can provide energy (eg, bars with nuts). It is indicated green tea because it contains antioxidants and caffeine, which provides adequate energy. While running you can consume half a liter of water. After about an hour after finishing running, consume products rich in vitamins. Green salad and a glass of carrot juice or orange is a reliable source for getting vitamins and minerals you need.  If you want to swim, it is recommended that the body is loaded with heavy dishes . With about 20 minutes before swimming toindicate a light snack: a cup of tea or coffee, a banana or mango. Eat one hour after the conclusion of this activity. If you practice a team sport (likefootball), indicate a diet rich in carbohydrates, necessary to maintain cardiovascular strength, but also to increase muscle protein.

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