How to burn more calories: 6 Methods

How to burn more calories - you know that it is no secret that helps you starve yourself, but to have a body properly balanced and beautiful life ... enjoy! You used to think of yourself as a person who does not have time, money or aid to deal with herself: you're not a Hollywood diva, who has nanny, personal trainer and chef, all ready for give the best service, quality time and advice ... to remain a diva!

What are the chances of your real-world woman to be beautiful, seductive and supple ... without you starve, but mastering the secret to help you increase your metabolic rate and burn more calories? You laugh, are exactly the same! Even if you do not have the privilege to climb on stage to walk the red carpet too often, the attention directed to you should be similar - and from here everything is beautiful transform in a story of success!

Think of yourself as a diva waiting to be polished and resort to these techniques to burn more calories at each meal, to make today the best day to start your success story!

1. Drink cold water
If you drink a glass of ice water burn calories 10 more than if the same water is at room temperature, studies show. In addition, drinking water will increase the capacity of your body to burn calories while sleeping. It also speculate on the direct relationship between the amount of water drunk and the body's ability to remove fatty deposits. Want a reason to convince you to drink water? It seems that, at the time the cells are dehydrated (water containing a quantity of less than optimum) they tend to store fat, rather than metabolize into energy.

The conclusion? Drink water to get rid of fat!

Are you tired of water? Try a high protein drink! Or invest in a blender to prepare you a delicious cocktail! Or a punch in the Caribbean!?

2. Go quickly, then slowly
I already know the theory of alternating intervals of strength training or high efficiency of activities that occur under it, as opposed to training undertaken at a constant level.

Try to do the next thing: when you climb stairs, climb two steps at once to activate other muscle groups. After 8-10 seconds, normal climb, one step in a faster pace. You can try the same technique when you walk in the park baby. Running, pushing the cart for 10 seconds, then make quick march for the same period of time.Interval variations will entertain your child, on the one hand, and know you will activate your metabolism and you will see results very quickly!

3. Eat protein
Your body uses more calories to metabolize protein than carbohydrate in case you eat! A protein meal will have a heat of up to 30% of total calories ingested - which means that if you have a mass of 600 protein calories, you consume 180 calories just digesting that meal!

4. Spice your food!
Cinnamon makes fat cells to respond better to insulin secretion and stimulates weight loss. Try adding a little cinnamon in your morning coffee every day.

Also, studies show that if food add 1 teaspoon red pepper sauce and a teaspoon of mustard, you will be able to increase your metabolic rate by up to 25 percent. Spicy foods will cause you to consume more water, which will further enhance the weight loss process.

5. Drink coffee!
I advise you to drink coffee, but in moderation, 1-2 cups per day.Only using this technique you will be able to increase your calorie burn rate with up to 10%.

Be careful not to put sugar in coffee, cream, condensed milk and other ingredients to improve its taste, so that you will not only make a turn into a calorie bomb and wanted to get the opposite effect!

If you want to potentiate the effect of coffee and feed your metabolism, I suggest you drink a cup of mocha - protein drink.This will give you the same feeling of satisfaction, it will quench your hunger for a long time and will increase significantly and protein intake, with only 80 calories of rich and creamy taste!

6. Love snacks
The more often you eat, the more you will be able to keep insulin levels constant (so you banish cravings and hunger) and you will maintain high metabolic rate to burn more calories.

But I suggest to choose foods carefully to include them on the list of snacks: give up sweets, biscuits, cookies and sweets, choose fresh vegetables (celery sticks or carrot is a correct and safe alternative) and soy nuts , protein bars and biscuits.

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