The secret behind a great weight loss story: Motivation

When you start a weight loss program you should eat less calories than you burn. That means you should eat less and work out more. Neither eating less nor making exercises are not something you are born it, you have to fight hard to keep up with the program.

This means you can get very fast distracted and failing, or if something goes wrong in your life you may have no power to fight against your stomach craving for food and you lack of energy to do the daily exercises.

If you are used to eat a lot of sugar and you drastically stop the intake you body will notice it and will try everything to make you to stop your diet. You will find out how conservative your body is. For the first weeks which are most important you will feel sad and powerless, you won't be able to fight real life problems with the same energy you were used to. You will feel tired physically and psychically.

You need something that will keep you up and running, something with so much power that will step over all the above. It is Motivation. Yes, the motivation can drive you trough this very hard process of changing your lifestyle. If you lack motivation you will fail.

So, what to do to keep you motivated ?

Set-up Goals

Set-up clear, achievable goals. For example, if you are under 22 you should set your goals at 2 pounds per week. If you are over 22 and you have a job going on you should stick at 1 pound. It is better to set it low and surprise yourself every day than set it high and never achieve. This little failures will add to your other problems and stress issues and you will forget about the scope.

Write down your achievements

If you really want to follow your goals you should write down every week weight-in. So you will know how to adapt your goals or what you have done wrong if a week something does not work as you expected.

Reward yourself

Whenever you go ahead of schedule for a specific week, do something nice, buy yourself something you wanted for a long time. Go to do something special, be happy about it, so you can remember how good is when you are ahead of schedule.


Visualize yourself skinner, lighter, running faster, acting faster. Think at all thing you can do better with less pounds: you will run faster, walk faster, you will be tireless, you will attract women, and many other things that apply directly to your life: all your colleagues will congratulate you, you will be the winner, the center of attention, people will look at you as a winner.

Read other success stories

Go on forums every day and look at what others achieved and how good they feel with all those pounds off. Reading success stories will make you feel better and more motivated.

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