Calorie calculator plugin for wordpress

Our team developed a plugin for WordPress where you can give your visitors the ability to find out how many calories they should eat a day based on weight and age.

WordPress is a very popular blogging platform that is used a lot lately for building more complex websites.

You have to go to wordpress plugin directory and download the plugin. Then you can add it into your template or to drag it as a widget to one of your theme sidebars. You can also install Calotor Calorie plugin directly from your administration panel.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns don't hesitate to ask.

4 thoughts on “Calorie calculator plugin for wordpress

  • I have installed the plugin but their is no widget showing me to drag on sidebars.

    Kindly help in this regards.

  • Hello. Unfortunately there is not an option to drag a widget. You have to use this shortcode in your posts or in your theme files: [calotor] . It should have been developed, but the low demand of the plugin forced us to focus our time for other projects.

  • hi there,
    is this plugin could be embedded inside article? most calories counter in widget form, i’m specificly looking for the ones that could be embedded inside any article. i have no problem embed block code, i understand basic html coding

    thanks in advance n best regards,

  • Hello. You can use the shortcode: [calotor] to add the widget anywhere in your website content.

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