Calories – how to lose weight by eating

The main factor that determines a person's body weight is the number of calories consumed. A calorie is a unit of measurement for energy, expressed as heat. A kilocalorie (1 kcal) is defined as the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water to one degree Celsius.
Our bodies make most of the calories from food into energy consumed first. Unused calories are stored as fat in the body. To produce 450 grams of body fat is needed 3,500 calories used.To maintain body weight within reasonable limits, should the number of calories obtained from food and beverages, is approximately equal to the number of calories consumed as energy by the various daily activities. Have known that the number of calories consumed each day varies widely from person to person, depending on age, sex, physical constitution, metabolism, health and exercise intensity applied.
To get an idea about the approximate number of calories you consume your body one day, multiply the weight that you have (in kilograms) with the following values:
-if you are not physically active: 6169;
-if moderate exercise is submitted: 7527 - 8165;
-if exercise is very intense submitted: 9072;
For example, a person weighing 80 kg, making the exercise a moderate to high 8100, result: 80x8100 = 648 000 calories (648 kcal) consumed daily by burning.
You can use this result to figure your way around on increasing or reducing caloric intake. To be effective in maintaining control, read the documents on food packages.Also, remember to add the daily caloric intake, all foods are added to dishes, for instance: sauces, fat used for cooking, etc..
An important thing to remember: exercise is not the most effective way to lose weight.To lose a pound, you have to walk about 70-80 miles. The most effective way of losing weight is reducing your calorie intake. To see how many calories you should eat every day use our calorie calculator.

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