How i categorize the food ?

As i said in a previous article, the nutrients found in our food are: proteins, fats, carbohydrates and alcohool. The alcohool is very easy to separate so i will not include it in my categorization.

We have proteins, which is mostly found in meat, fats which is found almost everywhere except vegetables, and arbohydrates which is sugar and bread related foods.   I will try to make a better categorization so you can understand better.

Why we need to categorize food ? If you want to take care of your health and weight you must know what you eat. So the doctor may tell you: "eat less carbs" or "eat less fats". If you know what foods are considered high fat or high carbs tou know how to deal with that. And i'm sure you will want to eat less carbs in the evening, because the carbs that are not used are deposited as fats.


A high amount of proteins can be found in meat, meat of every type: pork, chicken, cow, fish. Cheese can also be considered proten despite it have the same amount of proteins and fats, but both levels are high.


The carbohydrates are: bread of all kinds, food made with flower, sugar, sweets of all kind and fruits. Fruits have low amount of carbohydrates, about 10 but they are mostly water so if you eat a 250g apple you will get 25 carbs which is a high amount.


Fats are of 2 kinds: animal fat an vegetable fat. The animal fat can be found in meat and other products derived from animal fat.

Vegetable fat can be found in nuts, olives, seeds, peanuts, almonds, pistachio and others like this.

The vegetables contains low amount of carbs and lower amount of proteins but i did not included them in any category because they are good to be eaten anytime you want.

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