Calories – how to lose weight by eating

The main factor that determines a person’s body weight is the number of calories consumed. A calorie is a unit of measurement for energy, expressed as heat. A kilocalorie (1 kcal) is defined as the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water to one degree Celsius. Our bodies make most of[…]

Solutions for rapid weight loss

The equation is simple: lose weight when you eat fewer calories than our body.Consumption is given by  the usual metabolic processes as well as exercise. Each pound of fat stores around 7700 calories, considering that the average man consume per day between 1500 and 2500. An hour of intense workout can burn about 250-500kcal. So it takes about 15-30 hours of training to use the 7700kcal a pound of fat. That given that diet and daily activities the rest remain constant. This is why a method that claims to burn fat without diet and /or no effort is not just a trick of those trying to sell a wonderful product, or simply disinformation.

The secret behind a great weight loss story: Motivation

When you start a weight loss program you should eat less calories than you burn. That means you should eat less and work out more. Neither eating less nor making exercises are not something you are born it, you have to fight hard to keep up with the program.

This means you can get very fast distracted and failing, or if something goes wrong in your life you may have no power to fight against your stomach craving for food and you lack of energy to do the daily exercises. [...]

Should i maintain or lose weight ?

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My calories calculator will tell you how many calories you burn every day based on an average level of activity. It is right, but people who use if are usually people who got a lot of fat.

When my calculator tells the results, it tells you how many calories should you eat to maintain weight. Well, who needs to maintain weight ? All want to lose weight.

This is why i'm unhappy about and i will make some changes. It should motivate people: "You need to eat 1000 calories/day to LOSE WEIGHT" not just to make them to be content with their body. [...]

How many calories i burn if i run 1 hour ?

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Running or also called jogging, which is a slight run is probably the most popular exercise that people do to maintain or lose weight.

Probably you wondered many times how many calories you burn if you run 1 hour. People who already introduced running into their lifestyle are not disturbed anymore by this question. The amount of calories burned differ a lot depending on age, weight, methabolism, intensity. Some of those things are very hard if not impossible to measure.

This is why people stop wondering how many calories they burn on different exercise. While trying to find an answer to this question they should have already ran for about 10 minutes. [...]