Proper nutrition during sport

If we want to do a particular sport, it is important to have a proper diet because it helps increase the effects of exercise. If you perform tasks that require great physical strength (running, swimming, cycling), are recommended foods such as bananas, whole grains and avocados. Nutritionists recommend about 30 minutes before running, eating food that can provide energy (eg, bars with nuts). It is indicated green tea because it contains antioxidants and caffeine, which provides adequate energy. While running you can consume half a liter of water. After about an hour after finishing running, consume products rich in vitamins. Green salad and a glass of carrot juice or orange is a reliable source for getting vitamins and minerals you[…]

Top 10 foods for weight loss

Common topic of discussion among the ladies around me, is weight loss. I put so many diets promoted in need. What to choose? Rather than bother me with all sorts of strict regimes, better stop to the top 10 foods for weight loss. A healthy lifestyle has proven results and not endanger my health. 1.[…]

Avoid potatoes if you want to lose weight or to maintain

Plate of potato chips with fork

They are vegetables, it is true, but they have a big disadvantage: they can be eaten only cooked. The cooking process is ruining up their advantage.

They also have a high amount of calories in comparation with other vegetables. While the average of vegetables is 40 calories every 100 grams, they have 90.

Their calories amount is not the one to be worried about, but the situation makes them to be a bad idea. [...]

The weight loss “never empty” strategy

losing weight series over white shot in studio

This is not a secret diet or something you may hear all talk about. It is just an idea of something that could help a lot of people to weight loss without stomach pain.

A big problem for diets is that you have to eat less. Eating less wil hurt your stomach, at least for first days. It is not a medical problem, it is a psychological one.

You already know that when you are hurt, the sensors tells your head that it something is not well, and the pain is at the brain level. [...]

How i categorize the food ?

As i said in a previous article, the nutrients found in our food are: proteins, fats, carbohydrates and alcohool. The alcohool is very easy to separate so i will not include it in my categorization.

We have proteins, which is mostly found in meat, fats which is found almost everywhere except vegetables, and arbohydrates which is sugar and bread related foods.   I will try to make a better categorization so you can understand better. [...]